Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Going Batty Candy Cuties

 Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday to you all! Today I have these darling "Going Batty" Candy Cuties I made and decorated using Really Reasonable Ribbon. Love how they turned out, and will be making more of these darling candy holders. Ok so I have a funny story to tell about a BAT , one night a couple of weeks ago, my hubby heard a noise outside, it was loud, he heard it in our back garage, and he couldnt figure out what it was. We had a problem with wasp nest that we were dealing with, well anyways he knew at this time at night those were sleeping and whatever was hopping around in the eves of his garage, he had no idea what it was, until he went in the garage, and started spraying the wasp spray, then it came and sat on the wood up high tucked back up by the roof and he thought it was staring at him, well we know they dont see, so he sprayed it,and left the garage,  LOL hahahahaha Omgosh when he told me this story, I thought OMGOSH im so glad you did not wake me up....LOL I would have never went back to sleep over that one.....hahaha at first he thought it was a mouse, but it wasnt, he clearly saw it, and it was a brown bat, we haven't heard anything out there as of lately, and we did get rid of the wasp, so hopefully it left, and is gone now.

To start with I had to buy the file for these, they are a embroidery in the hoop file, and then I went ahead and decorated them using Really Reasonable Ribbons beautiful Polka dot Satin ribbon, along with the rose buds white, and then black stamens , and little green leaves. Now the rose buds I did distress and spritz a little bit so they would be a blackish color for the bats. I love how the orange satin ribbon pops and makes these darling bats look so much sweeter. they are cute to begin with, but even cuter using RRR beautiful Satin! Love them!

There are two different sizes and they are to hold candy inside them. I of course forgot to buy candy to put in them, so I went into my jar and grabbed some candy hubby brought home for me...hehehee they worked just fine.
Really Reasonable Ribbon Supplies Used:

Going Batty Embroidery file was purchased at Pickle Pie designs and was done in the hoop on my sewing machine.

I hope you enjoyed my post for today, thank you so much for stopping by, and hope you have a lovely day! 
Hugs to all


Unknown said...

So-o-o cute!! Adding the ribbon was the perfect decision. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

Sandra H said...

So cute