Thursday, September 14, 2023

Happy 100th Birthday


Hello everyone, Todays card was designed for The Robins Nest Creative and for my Great Uncle Ken who just turned 100, wow! How exciting that is. I hope that one day I too can celebrate 100. So again Happy 100th Birthday Uncle Ken, and hope it was an amazing day!

For my card I wanted to keep it as manly as possible , but also wanted to do something extra special, so I chose to do my faux glass flowers. I do have many videos on doing these. Now for these here, I did use inks and water to blend them, and love the way they turned out. I always love doing the glass flowers as I feel they look so much prettier and just have a look of their own verses just doing the paper ones. 

Next I decorated using the dew drops throughout the flowers as the leaves. Love this as I do this on lots of my projects. 

My original post of this card can be found here on the Robins Nest Creative blog.

Happy Crafting!
Hugs to all,

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